Queensland Design a Drone Competition

Stage: Winners announced (delay due to judging process)


Limited Participation Prizes also available... first in, first served.

Closing date extended until 21st August 2017

If you could design a drone to do anything; what would you design?

·        How would the drone look?

·        Does it fly, crawl, swim, run, or bounce?

·        What material is it made of?

·        What is the problem that your drone would solve?

We would like to invite ALL schools in Queensland to join in this year's...


Participant(s) are required to:

·        Upload a short fifty-five (55) second pitch video;

·        submit a description of their drone and the problems it solves; and

·        submit their conceptual designs.

We also welcome the participant(s) to send in any 3D printed or constructed mock-ups of their design, please note this is not compulsory to the competition. 3D Designs should be sent to:

If sending by post, please use this address:

World of Drones Congress 2017

C/- Carillon Conference Management Pty Limited

PO Box 177, Red Hill QLD 4059 Australia

If sending by Courier, please send to:

World of Drones Congress 2017

C/- Carillon Conference Management Pty Limited

First Floor, The Red Hill Centre

Office 14, 152 Musgrave Road, Red Hill QLD 4059 Australia

The only criteria is that your drone design can meet one of our State's Science Challenges.

The Queensland Office of the Chief Scientist (QOCS) has a list of 'Science Challenges' that Queensland is currently facing. This list can be found here: http://www.chiefscientist.qld.gov.au/science-in-queensland/science-challenges

Across the 2500+ schools in Queensland there are four (4) Age Group Categories:

Group 1 - Cockatoo

Prep to Year 3 

Group 2 - Kookaburra

Year 4 to Year 6 

Group 3 - Lyrebird

Year 7 to Year 9 

Group 4 - Wedge-tailed Eagle

Year 10 to Year 12

There will be a limited number of participation prizes available on a first come, first served basis.

Grand Prize per section:

A visit to your school from the 'Drone Dream Team'- a group of award winning celebrity scientists and engineers!